Chicken Thigh and Brown Rice Casserole With Zucchini


Chicken and rice casserole is wholesome - and flavorful. This meal is just one of my favourite, and I'm confident in the event you may try it, you'll want it. When I first attempted it, I set plenty of corn, plus it felt like corn-only casserole. Make sure to correct corn properly while cooking, otherwise you might end up doing what I did.


Zucchini, 2 medium size.
Chicken Thighs, 4 are fine. Ensure they are skinless and boneless
Good Quality Brown Rice, 1 Cup. Must be precooked
Chicken Bouillon Cubes, 2 are good. Dissolve them in hot water (1 cup)
Garlic clove, 1. Correctly chopped
You can pick fresh or canned, it's up to you
Salsa, 1 Cup.


First, cook chicken thighs by adding pepper and salt. Cook it until the chicken is brown. It is going to take 10 to 20 minutes.

Add precooked, rice and chicken broth, Bouillon cubes, and chopped garlic.

Cover it correctly and allow it to simmer. Make sure that heat is low. Cook rice until liquids are absorbed in the chicken broth.

It is time to incorporate Zucchini, salsa, and corn kernels.

Simmer it for a few more minutes or until flavour is combined, and zucchini is properly cooked and crispy. Make sure zucchini is just not over cooked.

Love! This Meal is prepared.

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The very best thing about food is, you don't have to follow instructions all the time. There would not be any new recipes - if we follow instructions-only, so my advice will be to correct recipe based on your preference.

I'd like to include some information about brown rice. As you might have known, brown rice take a great deal of time to cook, so that it might take time to consume liquids. And that is the reason why it is wise to use precooked brown rice, it'll completely absorb liquids. Through the use of precooked brown rice, you will be decreasing the time it takes to cook this recipe. One more thing, chopped garlic clover was added for the flavor, but should you prefer not to use it then it is possible to leave it. Corn is among the choices that you can adjust appropriately. Should you do not like corn afterward removing it will not set much effect on the recipe, but I advocate using all the ingredients mentioned above.

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